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Kirk gallery commissioned this work to compliment it’s collection of Modern sculpture, furniture, and fine art.

This piece is approximately 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall. It’s curved form was inspired by the very well known Verner Panton ‘S’ chair, first produced in 1960. We abstracted the chair form and pulled vibrant colors from popular interior design of the era and its ‘radical and psychedelic interiors’.

This was a collaboration between Red Start’s Michelle Marchesseault and artist, Virginia Yount. In 2012, the work was included in a multi-venued art installation program in which Virginia and Michelle collaborated on an addition to the piece and titled it, “Only the Good Die Young”. The venue and work included were nominated for the 2010 Critics’ Table award in visual art.

Photography by: Ethan Stead

Interior design: Tracey Overbeck Stead