Our services include hand designing and painting, interior design, scenic painting, art commissions, paint finishing, color consultation, art direction, set and prop design.                                                                                                                          With every new challenge, it is a chance  to refine our vision and bring fresh ideas to the conversation of  modern interior design, art direction, and stage design.                            We work in close collaboration with clients, designers, directors and artists to illuminate ideas and enrich the environments we touch.                                                                 Thank you for visiting!

Who are we?

Red Start Design Studios is led by designer and artist, Michelle Marchesseault. The company was founded  in 2002 as a trio including artists Rachael Shannon and Jason Neufeld.

Michelle, as well as having personally overseen many of Red Start’s installations, is also a composer and musician and has a great love of antiquities.

As of the new year, Red Start has moved operations from Austin Texas to Brooklyn NY! We are excited for our new adventure and look forward to working with you, wherever you are!

Some of our clients:

Jackie Nadler Designs            The Heartless Bastards
The Highball
                   Bettysport                   Underwear
Wildflower Organics                Sanova Dermatology Clinic
Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon                    Stubb’BBq          

The Offcenter Theater                            Emancipet
Kirk Gallery                 The Rattle Inn
Uchiko                         The Bear Media
Hopfields         Tracey Overbeck Stead : :  Interior Design
Jerry Kunz Interior Design                  Mark Ashby Design
Joel Mozersky – One.Eleven.Design               Viva Day Spa
Maiko Sushi          Dell Children’s Hospital
Cenote                            T3          

The Flaming Lips              The Rude Mechanicals
The H2ho’s Synchronized Swim Show           MTV’s The Real World 2009
Drunk Dial                 Monofonus Press
The Girl Next Door                     The Belmont